KISS MY ASS Binary Code Women's Pink Distressed Short Sleeve t-Shirt

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Kiss My Ass is written in binary code inside red lips on this women's distressed shirt. The message may be subtle but the knowledge packs a bunch. The t shirt is soft, comfortable and can be worn around Mom without offending her (unless she reads code).There is a rolled sleeve and a bit of distressing for a well worn, comfortable look. The red lip is inspired by an iconic singer who wears a red lip well. 

t. Weeyn is a play on the word between. Code is just another way to have conversations between us. The designs are created to celebrate the connections between code and various aspects of modern life. The thing about code is you get to determine what or if there is more than you can see. This is the perfect innovative and unique gift for someone in IT, computer programming, graphic designer, computer science student or teacher. 

Cold wash recommended.

100% cotton

Printed in Orange County CA but made in Guatemala.