GAME OVER Computer Binary Code short sleeve t shirt

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For your opponent, it is game over. Within the circles, there is binary code spelling out "game over" within every ring on the back of this shirt. The design is homage to the sundial in Fortnite, which was played by the designer's son incessantly, so have a bit of a dance to celebrate a win. G4ME OVER is spelled with letters and numbers as code utilizes both and we use both in our communications over devices. Any true gamer knows, it is only game over until the next game. 

t. Weeyn is a play on the word between. Code is just another way to have conversations between us. t. Weeyn was started in 2018 but joined Amazon in 2021. Our designs are created to celebrate the connection between code and everyday life. This is the perfect innovative and unique gift for someone in IT, computer programming, graphic designer, computer science student or teacher. 

Cold water wash recommended.

100% cotton

Made in Nicaragua but printed in Orange County, CA

Neck tag easy to tear out.