KISS MY ASS Morse Code Women's White Short Sleeve t-Shirt

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The black lines read  "Kiss My Ass" in morse code surrounded by red lips. This t-shirt embodies classic on the outside but sassy in the middle. Morse code was chosen for the design as it is the code that was used while the computer was being created. Classic saying, classic design, and classic code. Back of shirt is blank. 

t. Weeyn is a play on the word between. Code is just another way to have conversations between us. Each design is created to celebrate the connection between code and our everyday lives. The thing about code is you get to determine what or if there is more than you can see. This is the perfect innovative and unique gift for someone in IT, computer programming, graphic designer, computer science student or teacher. 

We don't care if everyone knows what you are saying as long as you do. Power comes from within. 

Cold wash recommended. 

100% cotton - so shrinkage possible. 

Sizes range from small to XL; it is a SMALLEr cut. 

Printed in Orange County, California but made in Nicaragua.

Neck tag easy tear out.