Backbone STEEL ASCII Computer Code Men's Long Sleeve t Shirt

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Give a hint of your backbone while enjoying this luxurious t-shirt in blue heather with "steel" printed down the back in ASCII code. Backbone is a computer term but also can influence an inspirational message. This shirt design has the most subtle nuances.  ASCII code was used for its use of 8s and 6s representing that sometimes, what looks the most delicate, is in fact the strongest. Computer programming is a delicate and subtle art which has a huge impact on our lives, this design tries to reflect that relationship. ASCII also gives the design an angel number (000) to represent a new beginning and spirituality. As the design is down the back, the front of the tee is the t. Weeyn logo so one can cover their core of steel. 

t. Weeyn is a play on the word between. Code is just another way to have conversations between us. Each design is a tribute to the world of computer coding and its' impact on our lives. The thing about code is you get to determine what or if there is more than you can see. This is the perfect innovative and unique gift for someone in IT, computer programming, graphic designer, computer science student or teacher. 

60% combed ring-spun cotton & 40% poly

Printed in Orange County but made in Nicaragua.